and research.


At Sevene, we believe that Science and Nature are not opposites, and that developments in science should give us a better understanding of natural mechanisms, so that we can use them even more effectively.

the science.

Sevene has always been committed to scientific methods, and has either contributed indirectly or invested directly in research to develop natural remedies for humans, animals and agriculture.

The company continually monitors the work of scientists around the world to identify research and scientific developments with applications in its own field.

Development of
homeopathic medicines.

Having completed a number of clinical research programs, Sevene has developed a range of 15 medicines (including 9 marketing authorizations with indications in France) for thetreatment of common disorders and environmental illnesses covering the five physio-metabolic spheres: neurovegetative, respiratory, circulatory, digestive and urogenital.

Each of these medicines is formulated from 3 complementary plants to produce a combined effect.

Administered only in low dilutions, these drugs deliver pyrotherapeutic potential, as well as a specific homeopathic effect.




Working in partnership with a team of scientists and winegrowers keen to develop their vineyard management practices, Sevene has launched a program of experimental and research projects in Agro-Homeopathy for vines.

Combining experimentation with fundamental research, this program is designed to develop solutions for the natural treatment of vines (and the soil), either for general preventive use or to treat specific vine diseases or parasites.

The first practical results are expected by 2022.

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